For any ScriptRunner features that use script files, you must ensure that the same files from the source instance are available in the same location on the target server instance. ScriptRunner looks for files in directory resources named script roots, and the default script root is the <jiraHome>/scripts directory. Providing the files paths are kept the same, relative to the top level of the root, which in this case is the <jirahome>/scripts directory, the paths used by the ScriptRunner features to locate the script files will not need to be changed. 

Depending on the origin of your script files, you can manually promote your files using the following methods:

  • Manually copy the source scripts to the target
    Most users store script files in the default script root folder located in the <JiraHome> directory. Simply copy over your script roots from the source server to the same location on the target server.  In clustered data center setups this means the <shared home> directory and in non-clustered data center, this is the standard <JiraHome> directory. Note that any custom script root folders must also be copied to a location that all nodes in the cluster can access.

  • Install the same script plugins at both the source and target instances
    Custom Script plugins are used to ship files as a plugin.  If this is the origin of your script files, ensure that the same plugin version is installed and enabled on both the source and target instances. 

  • Clone the VCS 
    If you use a VCS to store and manage scripts on your source server, clone that repository to the target server under the same directory path. Providing the path relative to the script roots folder, is the same on both the source and target instances, your copied ScriptRunner features will be able to locate the script files.