If your export is returning errors, you should review any dependencies in your source instance by running the Object Dependencies report. This helps you identify any potential issues and take appropriate action before generating the export file. Note that the default export options are suitable for 90% of exports. If you continue to receive export errors, refer to our knowledge base article on configuration export errors

Successful export

If exporting only a project configuration, the created XML configuration file is downloaded immediately to your browser. Most browsers offer the option of opening it or storing it in the local computer.

If exporting complete projects (i.e., configuration, data, and attachments), the export results in a ZIP file. This file is stored in the JIRA_HOME/export/projectconfigurator folder, or alternatively, you can click Download Exported File, which downloads the file to your browser. The export summary is displayed on a successful export. The export summary shows the steps performed during the export, with details of the number of attachment files found for each project. Notice at the end of the summary the full path for the created ZIP file is shown.