Project Configurator for Jira Server and DC

Unable to Import Values for the Time in Status Custom Field

Problem: Sometimes you will find a warning like this in the data import trace:

WARNINGS: Unable to import custom field 'Time in Status'. The custom field type does not support project imports.

Solution: This message is a warning; it will not stop the import. It means values for that custom field will not be imported. This is because the custom field type does not support data imports, as it does not satisfy the requirements defined in How to Make a Custom Field "Importable" for Project Imports.

However, to the best of our knowledge, this is not relevant in practical terms. That field belongs to the Jira Charting App, and its values are calculated automatically from the story of issues included in graphics, so it is not an issue if these values are not imported; they will be recalculated again as needed.