Project Configurator for Jira Server and DC

Orphaned Custom Field Values Error

Problem: An error about orphaned custom field values appears. When importing a configuration, it halts with this error message:

There are issues whose values in custom field XXXX will be orphaned if custom field config scheme YYYY is deleted. Abort load.

This message means the following:

  • In the new configuration, custom field XXXX does not have a configuration scheme—​also known as custom field context—​called YYYY, so this configuration scheme would have to be deleted to apply the new configuration to the target instance.

  • The app has detected that configuration scheme YYYY contains options that are actually used as values for custom field XXXX in some issues.

  • So, if the configuration scheme YYYY were deleted, those issues would lose their values for custom field XXXX. To avoid this loss of data, the app aborts the load and shows that message.

Solution: The fix to this problem depends really on what you want to do with the new configuration.

The straightforward fix would be to add configuration scheme YYYY to custom field XXXX in the origin so the new configuration can be imported without needing to remove that configuration scheme. Then, export the configuration, and try the load again. Configuring a Custom Field explains how to add a new configuration scheme—​or custom field contexy—​to a custom field. You shouldn’t worry about the options contained by this new configuration scheme. If the options used in the target instance do not exist in the new configuration scheme, the app disables them but does not remove them, so the existing data is preserved.

Other options to minimize the occurrence of this problem are as follows: