Project Configurator for Jira Server and DC

Custom Field Context for Some Issues

Problem: Some custom field context applies only to some issue types. Sometimes data import will fail with a message like this:

The custom field 'XXXX' in the backup project is used by issue types 'AAAA, BBBB' but the field with
the same name in the current JIRA instance is not available to those issue types in this project.`

Solution: You get this error even though the custom field is actually applicable for those issue types at the destination instance. This is a result of the JRASERVER-28006 bug. As described in that page, the workaround for this issue means making the custom field available for all issue types. Follow these steps for fixing it:

  1. Ensure the field is available for all issue types at the destination instance. See Configuring a Custom Field for more information.

  2. Repeat the import. Select Custom Fields as entities to be ignored in the configuration import. Otherwise, the app will reapply the configuration to custom fields as it comes from the source, undoing your manual adjustment in step 1.

  3. Restore those custom fields to their original configuration—​restricted to some issue types—​after a successful data import if that is the way you want them to be. Remember, you could also achieve this restoration byexporting "configuration only" from the source instance and importing that configuration into the destination. Of course, in this case, do not skip the import of custom fields.