Project Configurator for Jira Server and DC

Conflicting Backup File and Workflow Status Error

Problem: An error appears, saying the status used in the backup file is not used by the workflow. When importing a complete project, you may receive an error message similar to below:

The status 'xxxxx' is in use by an issue of type 'xxxxx' in the backup file. The workflow 'xxxxx', which is associated with issue type 'xxxxx', does not use this status. You must either edit the workflow to use the status or associate a workflow with issue type 'xxxxx' that uses the status`

Solution: This error indicates the status named xxxxx exists in both the source and target instances, but it is spelt with a different case between both instances. This is invalid, as names are case sensitive in Jira.

In order to work around this error, you should navigate to the page at <JiraBaseURL>/secure/admin/ViewStatuses.jspa in both the source and target instances, as this page will show all statuses configured for both instances.

Once on this page, you can edit the statuses named xxxxx by clicking the Edit link on the right side of the screen in the source instance. This ensures it is updated to be renamed and spelt with the same case as the target instance before generating a new export to import from.