Project Configurator for Jira Server and DC

Selecting Projects to Import

Open the Administration menu, Select the option Add-ons. On the left hand side menu, you can find Import Projects.

The dropdown menu Project file type allows you to choose whether you want to select Project Configuration only (XML), or Complete Project (ZIP).

Import Project Configurations From an XML File

When importing project configurations, click Browse and choose your XML file from the file system.


Import Complete Project from a ZIP File

selecting proj 02

When importing a complete project, you can switch between two options:

  • Browser Upload - Upload your ZIP file straight from your local computer where it was left after Export

  • Server Upload - In your target Jira instance, go to <Jira-home-directory>/import, and create a directory called projectconfigurator. Copy the exported ZIP archive to the projectconfigurator directory in order to make it available in your Target Jira

Browser upload gives you quicker access to proceed to import since the user doesn’t have to access servers. Project Configurator uses browser upload as default way of getting your ZIP file to Jira.