Project Configurator for Jira Server and DC

Get Started

Project Configurator is an app for Jira that automates the process of manually copying projects and configurations from one Jira instance to another. It provides full migration support giving Jira System Administrators the tools to:

  • move the configuration and/or data of projects between Jira instances.

  • visualise what configuration objects will collide or cause errors when moving projects between instances.

  • simulate an import to assess potential impact changes.

  • merge projects from multiple smaller instances to a larger instance.

  • plan and execute splitting and organising one massive Jira instance into smaller ones.

  • enforce best practice in making changes in a staging instance before copying the changes up to production.

Project Configurator fully supports the complete family of Jira applications:

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Core

  • Jira Service Desk

To learn about our support for third-party applications, see Support for Third-party Applications.

To get started with Project Configurator, we advise following the guide below along with watching the introduction videos to help you understand how Project Configurator works.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Read this Get Started page, along with the best practice guides for exporting and importing migrations.

  2. Read our migration guide, which is a how-to article defining the steps in the migration process.

  3. Read the topics in the How Project Configurator Works section to understand what configuration objects are supported by Project Configurator.

  4. Watch the introduction videos shown in the Video Resources section below.

  5. Install a trial of the app inside a test instance to test how it works against some sample configuration and data.

What Do You Want to Do?

Project Configurator can help you in several different ways, but to begin, let’s look at our most common use cases:

Use Case 1 - Responsible Change Management: You have configured new projects or made changes to the configurations of existing projects in a development instance and want to transfer those changes to the production environment while the issue data in production must remain as is.

Use Case 2 - Migrate Projects From One Instance to Another: You want to move one or more projects from one Jira instance to another.

Use Case 3 - Migrating From Jira Server to Data Center with Project Configurator: You want to move your Jira Server instances to Jira Data Center while retaining all of your project data including configuration, history, and user mappings.

Video Resources

To view a demo video of our responsible change management use case, watch the video below.

To view a demo video of our migrating projects from one instance to another use case, watch the video below.