Project Configurator for Jira Server and DC

Project Configurator for Jira

Project Configurator is an app for Jira that automates the process of manually copying projects and configurations from one Jira instance to another. It allows you to specify whether to export and import only specific project configurations or complete projects (configuration and data).

Project Configurator is able to handle project-specific configurations and global objects such as custom fields, schemes, and workflows that are referenced in the project configuration. Other global objects that are not required for a project configuration such as filters, dashboards, and software boards can also be migrated.

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Migrate Project Configuration and Data

You can migrate project configuration or data without having to manually copy each change to your target instance. For example, you could move the project configuration from development to production.

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Merge Jira Server Instances to Data Center

You can safely and easily merge your Jira Server instance to Data Center. You can move multiple Jira Server instances to a Jira Data Center and retain all your project data, including configuration, history, and user mappings.

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Visualise and Assess Impact of Changes

You can visualise dependencies and assess the impact that the changes would make before committing them to a live environment by running a simulated report.

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