Run a User Audit

Run a User Audit to create a CSV file detailing all users in your instance.

Only administrators can run a Microscope scan.

  1. Navigate to Microscope in the sidebar.
  2. Select User Audit.
  3. Click Run Scan. 
    Your CSV file is downloaded.
  4. Open your file.

    We suggest opening your CSV in a spreadsheet software for easier analysis. 

Data provided

User KeyKey which distinguishes the user as unique.
User NameThe username (login).
Display NameUser displayed name (full name).
Email AddressUser email address.
DirectoryThe name of the directory that the user comes from. For example: JIRA Internal Directory.
StatusIf the user is currently Active or Inactive
Group NamesThe names of the groups which the user is included. For example: Admin group.
Number of LoginsThe number of times the user has logged in.
Last Login TimeThe time of the last successful login.

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