Run a Microscope scan to create a CSV file detailing all workflow functionalities (provided by apps) configured on your instance.

Only administrators can run a Microscope scan.

  1. Ensure you have installed Microscope on the instance you want to scan.
  2. Log into the instance as a Jira administrator. 
  3. Run the following URL: 
    A CSV file will download.

  4. Open your file.

    We suggest opening your CSV in a spreadsheet software for easier analysis. 

Data provided

WorkflowName of the workflow function. 
Workflow StatusIf the workflow is currently active or inactive.
TransitionThe transition on which the workflow function is configured.
TypeFunction type, for example; validator, post function, or condition.
ModuleThe module providing the function. 
PluginName of the app providing the function. 
URLURL pointing to the workflow function location in your instance.