Learn for Jira Server and DC

Release 1.1


18 June 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0-8.9.0

What’s new

  • Granular permission controls through the Global Config page.

  • The version of the software used to create a training is now listed on both courses and modules.

  • Added an X button to the top-right of user reports when viewed via team reports as a means to exit the report.


  • Logo changed from Adaptavist Learn to Learn for Jira.

  • Link to anonymous analytics documentation on Global Config page now goes to Learn for Jira analytics documentation.


29 May 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0-8.9.0

What’s New

  • Added styling to Team Editor page.

  • Added validation to improve error handling.


  • Modules are no longer full-screen and scrolling capability was added.

  • Jira administrators can now download all reports.

  • Changed Create Teams to Team Editor in menu.

  • Changed column title Complete Date on user reports to Date Completed.

  • Changed Date Completed entries to YYYY-MM-DD.

  • Improvements to helper text on the Team Editor page.

  • Removed unused concept of thumbnails from code.

  • Clicking the logo now returns users to the top-level page of the current section.


15 May 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0-8.8.1

What’s New

  • Team Editor: Create and edit teams to use them for Team Reports. Learn more on the Team Editor page.

  • Team Reports: If you are a team lead, you can view a list of your teams and view and export team reports. Learn more on the Team Reports page.

  • Personal Progress Report: Users can view their own personal training progress and download certificates of completion. Learn more on the Navigation Basics page.

  • Added a link to documentation from the Learn for Jira Admin menu.


  • Progress data storage and retrieval was changed to improve performance at scale.

Roadmap and Suggestions