Learn for Jira Server and DC

Course Viewer

The course viewer is a Learn for Jira users’s home base. To access it, click the Lighthouse icon at the top-right of Jira:

Lighthouse button

Then click Course Viewer.

There are 4 main parts that make up this page: search, the Courses, Paths, and Progress tabs.

In the banner on the page, you type in a search query and press Enter or click the Magnifiying Glass in the search box.

If you are viewing the Search Results screen, Learn for Jira executes a new search whenever you pause:

If you like responsive search, you can view a search result screen by running a blank search and then starting to type in your search from the Results page.
If you are currently on a 30-day free trial, some content is unavailable. This content still appears in search results, but it is weighted so it appears below the content to which you have access. If you need access to more advanced topics, or need access for more than 30 days, you can purchase a license for Learn for Jira through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Courses Tab

Below the search banner is a grid of all the courses available to you. You can start a new course, resume a course you’d previously begun or revisit a course if you need a refresher. The buttons for each course reflect your status in the course.

An example of courses with different button names on the course viewer page.

Paths tab

Click the Paths tabs, to see your available Learning Paths. You can start or resume your progress for any path. The button for each bath reflects your status. If you have permission, the Custom button is available and can be clicked to edit the path. paths-tab

Progress Tab

The progress tab accessed from the course viewer page.

The Progress tab displays a list of courses or learning paths for which you have completed any modules. The report shows the number of modules complete and the total number of modules for each course or learning path, when it was last accessed, and when it was completed (if it was). If a course or learning path has been completed, a certificate of completion can be downloaded from this page.

Example of a certificate of completion.
Roadmap and Suggestions