Learn for Jira Server and DC

Team Editor

Learn for Jira administrators can create teams. These are currently used in team reports.

You can access the team editor through the drop-down menu when clicking on the Learn Lighthouse icon at the top-right of Jira.

Click on Create Team to access the Team Editor page.

On the Team Editor page, click the Create Team button to create your first team.

A team includes both team members and one or more team leads. Jira groups are used for team members and Jira users are used for team leads.

When creating a team, you must set a team name and add one or more team leads and one or more Jira groups as team members.

Create Team page in L4J.

Once a team has been created, you can use the Team Editor page to edit or delete the team.

Only team leads can see a team’s report, so if you want to be able to see reports for all teams, you will need to make sure to add your admin account as a team lead for all teams.
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