Learn for Jira Server and DC

Download and Delete Courses

Download a course

If you want to add a learning path to a different instance of Jira, or make a backup copy before deleting, you need to download it. To download a path, from the Course Editor page:

  1. Click Edit to the right of a course’s title.

    An example Course Editor screen
  2. Click a second Edit button, in the Content Management screen for the course.

    An example Content Management screen
  3. Click the Download Course button, in the Edit screen.

    The Edit Course screen
  4. This downloads a JSON file, with the existing course’s information, which you can then edit and/or upload on the Jira instance you wish.

Customize a downloaded course

While it is easier to edit a course within Learn for Jira, you can also edit it in downloaded JSON form. You can edit a JSON file to change the course, chapter, and module names, descriptions, URLs, and durations.

We recommend that you use an editor like IntelliJ, Atom, or Visual Studio Code.

Once you are done editing the file, save it locally and then upload it to Learn for Jira on the Jira instance you want. If you have left the contentId for the course the same, it overwrites on any existing course of the same name. If you have a unique course contentId, the upload creates a new course.

Delete a course

You can remove a Course from Learn for Jira by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of its Edit Course page. This page is accessed by from the Content Management page by clicking Edit next to the course name, and then clicking Edit again in the upper right corner.

  1. From the Courses tab in the Course Editor, click the Edit button for the course you’d like to delete.

  2. Click the Edit button for the course.

  3. Click Delete in the Edit Course page.

    An example Edit Course screen
  4. A Delete Course confirmation dialog appears. Enter the Name of the course in the text field.

    When you click the Delete button you are required to enter the name of the course you are deleting as a safety precaution. Do not worry, though. If you have 2 courses with the same name, you will only be deleting the course that you are editing.
  5. Click the Delete button.
    The course is permanently removed from Learn.

There is currently no way to restore a Learn for Jira course that you’ve deleted. Be sure to download a course’s JSON file before deleting it, if needed.
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