Release Notes

Check out what's new in Learn for Jira.


12 October 2021

Compatible with Jira 8.3.0 - 8.2.0

What's new

  • New module template: MP4
    • MP4 Modules, created using media stored on a local web server, can display content regardless of an Internet connection.


15 September 2021

Compatible with Jira 8.3.0 - 8.19.1

What's new

  • New course added for subscribers: Confluence Cloud for Beginners


03 August 2021

Compatible with Jira 8.3.0 - 8.19.1

What's new

  • New course added for subscribers: First Hour with Jira Cloud.


  • Updated openhtml-pdfbox version to address a vulnerability.


18 May 2021

Compatible with Jira 8.2.0 - 8.16.1


  • The permissions scheme for evaluation licenses is updated:
    • All content is available for valid commercial and valid evaluation licenses
    • For an expired license, all content and features will freeze
    • Community licenses are unchanged.

Bug fixes

  • A bug preventing the proper upload of JSON courses and learning paths is removed.
  • A bug, which showed the loading icon incorrectly, is removed.


01 April 2021

Compatible with Jira 7.11.0 - 8.15.0


  • New course added for subscribers: Advanced Roadmaps
  • New course, Staging to Production with Project Configurator, added
  • Back-end tracking updates

Bug fixes

  • Errors in the search functionality were found and removed
  • A bug preventing Learn content from launching, in some scenarios, is removed
  • A bug preventing modules from receiving a unique Content ID is removed


15 January 2021

Compatible with Jira  7.11.0 - 8.14.1


  • Learn is updated to support the latest version of Jira. 
  • Internal tracking features have been upgraded.


  • Issues preventing compatibility with Bamboo are resolved.
  • A bug preventing Learn from working correctly on Internet Explorer is resolved.
  • Slow and failing connections to the Team Reports page have been fixed.


23 November 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.11.0 - 8.13.1

What’s new

  • A Theater Mode button has been added for modules in an Iframe template. This enables the content to be enlarged without a full-screen view.
  • Learning Paths
    • Create customized training and share with specified users.
    • Paths have been added to the Progress tab.
  • Permissions have been upgraded so that Learning Paths with empty permissions are only visible to the author.
  • A countdown of available characters has been added to the text fields.
  • When sharing L4J content, team names must be unique.
  • General UI improvements were made.


  • Search and filter options are now fully functional in Team Reports.
  • An error in the Course Editor, causing dragged courses to be duplicated, has been removed.
  • View and edit permissions will remain unaffected by Adaptavist Learn upgrades and overwrites.
  • A bug causing an unwanted screen effect upon editing a Course Name field has been removed.


28 August 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.11.0-8.12.0

What’s new

  • The Project Configurator course has been added.

  • We have temporarily removed the ability to re-arrange courses by dragging and dropping them vertically on the Course Editor page due to a bug.


15 August 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.11.0-8.11.0

What’s new

  • The Module Editor has been added, and you can now edit and add new modules directly in Learn for Jira through the Course Editor page using the Create Content button.

  • A Module tab has been added to the Course Editor.

  • Support for YouTube videos has been added in modules.

  • You can now re-arrange courses on the Course Editor page by dragging and dropping them vertically. This will change their order on the Course Viewer page.


  • When uploading a new course through the Course Editor, the new course was not visible until the page was manually refreshed.

  • There was no delete confirmation when deleting a team.

  • When clicking on actions in the Create Content menu, the selection did not register when the white space around the label was clicked.

  • Users with the 'Course Create' permission but who were not Jira Administrators could not delete chapters when creating or editing a course.

  • Chrome v80.x converted resource maps to an array causing 500 and 204 errors.

  • General UI improvements and bug fixes.


29 July 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0-8.9.0

What’s new

  • The Course Editor has been added, and you can now edit and add new courses and chapters directly in Learn for Jira.

  • The "Reset Courses" button has been removed from Learn for Jira.

  • Learn for Jira now acts differently when you are on an eval license instead of if your license has expired.


  • The Jira Portfolio, chapter 4 video embedded URLs were associated with the wrong modules.

  • When a team lead lacked team administration permission, they were redirected from Team Reports to the Course Viewer.

  • When someone with team administration permissions who lacked full administration permissions tried to edit a team, they could not save their changes.


18 June 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0-8.9.0

What’s new

  • Granular permission controls through the Global Config page.

  • The software version used to create training is now listed on both courses and modules.

  • Added an X button to the top-right of user reports when viewed via team reports as a means to exit the report.


  • Logo changed from Adaptavist Learn to Learn for Jira.

  • Link to anonymous analytics documentation on Global Config page now goes to Learn for Jira analytics documentation.


29 May 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0-8.9.0

What’s new

  • Added styling to the Team Editor page.

  • Added validation to improve error handling.


  • Modules are no longer full-screen, and scrolling capability was added.

  • Jira administrators can now download all reports.

  • Changed Create Teams to Team Editor in the menu.

  • Changed column title Complete Date on user reports to Date Completed.

  • Changed Date Completed entries to YYYY-MM-DD.

  • Improvements to helper text on the Team Editor page.

  • Removed unused concept of thumbnails from code.

  • Clicking the logo now returns users to the top-level page of the current section.


15 May 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0 - 8.8.1

What’s new

  • Team Editor: Create and edit teams to use them for Team Reports. Learn more on the Team Editor page.

  • Team Reports: If you are a team lead, you can view a list of your teams and view and export team reports. Learn more on the Team Reports page.

  • Personal Progress Report: Users can view their training progress and download certificates of completion. Learn more on the Navigation Basics page.

  • Added a link to documentation from the Learn for Jira Admin menu.


  • Progress data storage and retrieval were changed to improve performance at scale.


7 April 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0 - 8.7.0


  • 1.0.0 build was re-submitted to Marketplace to fix the error.


30 March 2020

Compatible with Jira 7.6.0-8.7.0

What’s new

  • The app has been launched and is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace!

  • All Adaptavist Learn content in Jira.

  • Search for the training you need when you need it.

  • Progress is tracked as you view modules.