Below is a reference for terms used throughout Learn for Jira.

CourseCourses are made of modules and organized with chapters. A course must have at least one chapter, and a chapter must have at least one module. Courses are typically linear—​subsequent modules and chapters build on the information that came before. Courses are also global and, unless restricted by permissions, visible to all users.

Learning Path

Learning paths are organized similarly to courses but are created by users rather than an administrator. A learning path often includes modules from multiple courses that are relevant to the learner’s job, rather than being focused on a single application.
ChapterChapters are a part of courses and contain one or more modules.
ModuleWhen accessing a page within a course, to watch a video or engage with learning content, that page is called a module.
Learning ResourceThe content on a page, such as a video, is called a learning resource.
Downloadable ResourcesDocuments that supplement a learning resource. These can be accessed through the Downloadable Resources button at the top-right of a learning resource.
TranscriptDownloadable transcripts provide the narration of a video in text form.
Quick Reference1-2 page guides that can be printed or distributed to provide an easy-to-use reference for frequently used information.
Activity GuideHands-on exercises that you can perform in your Atlassian system to practice what you are learning.
Reference GuideLonger document that provides in-depth information to supplement the video lectures.
Course CompletionA course is considered complete if the end-of-course survey has been submitted by the user. The user’s certificate of completion will be generated when the survey has been submitted.