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Learn for Jira provides access to comprehensive Atlassian training right inside your Jira system. Our training is designed to give users the information they need to complete a task in Jira and understand the context behind it. With this deeper understanding of Jira, your users are better equipped to resolve their subsequent Jira problems. Click for a short, interactive demonstration. 

A graphic representing Learn's comprehensive Jira training.Comprehensive Jira training as you go

Unlimited and up-to-date training designed and created by Atlassian experts. Maximize your team’s potential with best-practice training and tips, available right inside Jira.

A graphic representing how Learn can improve your Jira skills.Upskill your way to Jira success

All the training your teams need right inside Jira, so they can put their new knowledge and skills straight into action.

A graphic representing how Learn speeds up the Jira onboarding process.

Radically speed-up Jira onboarding

Ensure every team member hits the ground running to reduce manager dependency and boost team productivity.


Follow these steps to install Learn for Jira from a Jira instance:

  1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
  2. Click the Admin dropdown and choose Add-ons.
  3. Locate Learn for Jira.
  4. Click Free Trial to download and install your app.
  5. Once it is installed, be sure to enter your License Key and Update, so that you have the full version of Learn for Jira.

Learn for Jira is also available to be installed via the Atlassian Marketplace.