Team Reports

Team leads can access Team Reports by clicking on the Learn Lighthouse icon at the top-right of Jira.

Team Reports in the Lighthouse icon dropdown.

The Team Reports link is only visible if you have been set as a lead for a team. If you expect to see this link but do not, contact your Jira administrator.

As the team lead, you can view your teams from the Team Reports page.

Click the Download Team Report button to generate a CSV file with additional information about team member participation in Learn.

The CSV file contains the following information fields about each team member:

  • Name
  • Modules Complete
  • Courses Begun
  • Courses Complete
  • First Accessed Date
  • Last accessed Date.

Click View User Reports to see a list of the users in the team and have the option to download a CSV report for individual members.

Click Download User Report to generate a report of the user's participation in Learn.

The CSV file will download with the following information about the associated user:

  • Courses
  • Modules Complete
  • Started On
  • Completed On
  • Last Accessed On.