Team Editor

Learn for Jira administrators can create teams. These are currently used in team reports.

You can access the team editor through the drop-down menu when clicking on the Learn Lighthouse icon at the top-right of Jira.

On the Team Editor page, click the Create Team button to create your first team.

Team Editor screen with the Create Team button highlighted.

A team includes both team members and one or more team leads. Jira groups are used for team members, and Jira users are used for team leads.

When creating a team, you must set a team name and add one or more team leads and Jira groups as team members.

Special characters cannot be used for team names.

A screenshot of the Create Team page.

Once a team has been created, you can use the Team Editor page to edit or delete the team.

Only team leads can see a team’s report, so if you want to see reports for all teams, you will need to make sure to add your admin account as a team lead for all teams.