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Learning paths enable users to create customized training. paths consist of a series of modules that provide information on a specific topic or role. Any module available in the Course Editor can be used in a learning path. While the L4J admin permission is needed to work with courses, all Learn users will be able to create and edit learning paths. If the L4J admin allows it, users will be able to share learning paths with the company. This way, users can create a learning path for their job role and share it with other people with the same job role.

The L4J admin will also have the ability to promote a learning path to become a course. This would make the learning path global for all Learn for Jira users.

Create a learning path

To create a learning path: 

  1. Select Course Editor from the Lighthouse drop-down menu at the top-right of Jira.

    You can only access the Content Management page if you have 'Course Create' or 'Course Admin' permission.
  2. Click the Create Content button in the banner of the Content Management page.

  3. Select the Create Path radio button, then click Create. 

  4. Enter a name and description for your content on the Create New Path screen.

    The Create New Path screen, with an example configuration.
    1. Optional: enter a Version, Duration, Path Visibility, and Path Edit Permissions.

  5. Click Create. 

  6. The new path is created. Chapters and modules can now be added to customize the learning path.

    The screen for the path created from the example configuration.

Check out our Create Module page if you want to learn more about customizing modules for a learning path.

Edit learning paths

Completed learning paths can be shared with and edited by other Learn users. This allows users to collaborate on customized roles and content-specific training.

To specify which users can view an individual learning path, use the Path Visibility field.

Use the Path Edit Permission field to give users permission to edit a path.

Share a path

To specify which Learn users can view a learning path, a Path Visibility field exists. Enter the name of a group in this field to give each member of the group access to the learning path.

To grant permissions for a learning path:

  1. From the Paths tab, in the Course Editor, click Edit for your desired path.

    The Paths tab, in the Content Management window, with the Edit button for an example path highlighted.
  2. Click the Edit button for the path.

  3.  In the Edit Path screen, click the Path Visibility field.

    The Edit Path screen, with the Path Visibility field highlighted.
  4.  Begin typing the name of the group you want to be able to view the path. Intuitive search will return results as you type.

  5. Click the name of a group to make the path visible to its members.

  6. Click Save once your desired group(s) have been added to the field.

  7. The path will now be visible for users with permission, in the Course Viewer, on the Paths tab.

Learning paths without a Path Visibility configuration are visible only to the author.

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