Managing Pipelines


A pipeline is a linear series of sales stages. The pipeline is used as a visual aid to indicate the sales progress along a path. You can easily move a deal from one stage to the next by simply clicking on the deal and moving it forward to the correct stage. You can also simply click and move the deal to the Won or Lost stages.

In Kanoah CRM, a JIRA workflow is used to define the sales pipeline, each status of the workflow is a sales stage. When you create a CRM project, a default pipeline is already available with the following stages: New, Prospecting, Qualified, Needs Identified, Follow Up, Contract Sent, Won and Lost.

Custom Pipelines

Kanoah CRM take advantage of JIRA capabilities and rely on workflows to mimic a sales pipeline. If you need to edit or create a more advanced workflow to match your sales pipeline, you can log in as a JIRA Administrator with global permission to access and customize your workflow. Learn more: Managing workflows.

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