Kanoah CRM is a native add-on that resides in JIRA Software or JIRA Core and brings Customer Relationship Management capabilities to a JIRA project. Refer to the Atlassian Documentation to learn more.

Editing a project's details

You are able to edit the project name, project description, project avatar and project URL of a project that you have the Project Administrator permission for. Learn more: Editing a project's details.

Managing project roles

Project roles are a flexible way to associate users and/or groups with particular projects. Project roles enable you to associate users with particular functions. Learn more: Managing project roles.

Customizing the issues in a project

Issues are the packets of work that need to be completed in a project. These issues are made up of issue fields, and the issue fields contain data about the issue. JIRA Core allows you to customize issues by changing the configuration and behavior of these fields to suit your team's needs. Learn more: Customizing the issues in a project

Managing workflows

All JIRA projects contain issues that your team can view, work on, and transition through stages of work — from creation to completion. These stages are workflows. If you need to edit or create a more advanced workflow to match how your team or organization works, you can log in as a JIRA Administrator with global permission to access and create your workflow. Learn more: Managing workflows.

Backup and Restore

Kanoah CRM, being a native add-on on the JIRA platform, uses all the JIRA built-in mechanisms for backing up and restoring data. Learn more: Backing up data.

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