Viewing Hierarchies Outside of Jira

Hierarchy for Jira gives you two options to view a hierarchy tree outside of Jira. You can display it on a Confluence page or export it to Excel.

Displaying a Hierarchy tree in Confluence

In order for the tree-view to be displayed, your Jira and Confluence instances need to be connected. Otherwise, the app displays an unauthorized error.
Speak to your Jira admin if you are unsure what Confluence instances are connected to your Jira instance.

  1. To embed a Hierarchy for Jira tree view on a Confluence page, click Copy Link. This saves a link to your clipboard.

  2. Then navigate to the Confluence page where you want to display your summary.

  3. Enter the Macro menu and select an Iframe macro.

  4. Paste the link from the first step into the URL field.

  5. Add a Width of 1024 and Height of 640.

  6. Choose the Go Wide option at the bottom of the macro to view the entire window.

  7. Publish the page to save.

Export a hierarchy to Excel

Exporting a hierarchy tree view to Excel is super simple! Just click Export CSV at the top of a report.

This generates a CSV file of your issue hierarchy, complete with all of the rolled-up estimate progress values. Then open your .CVS file in Excel.