Cross-Project Filters

Creating Cross-Project Filters with Embedded JQL Search

Use the power of cross-project filters to track the progress of multiple projects, releases, and/or teams on a single page. Great for sharing with stakeholders!

Filters can include Jira projects of all types, including team-managed, company-managed, JSM, etc.

  1. From the Hierarchy Tree view, click Switch to JQL.
  2. Enter your desired JQL script.
    You can search for any project type, including team-managed, company-managed, Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management, etc.
  3. Press Enter or click .
    Search results appear in descending order based on the issue key.

💡 Filter even more with top-level issues

After you complete your initial search, you can filter results even further by making an issue-type selection from the Select top-level issue dropdown.

Linking Cross-Project Issues Together

  1. From the Hierarchy Tree view, click an issue key for an issue you'd like to link to another issue.
    The issue opens in a new window.
  2. Click Link issue at the top of the window. 

    A new option to create a new issue link appears in the Linked issues section of the Jira issue.
  3. Select the desired link type from the drop-down list, then search for the issue.
    You can search using keywords from the issue title, a project name, or the issue number itself.

    The link connecting the two issues appears on the Jira issue, and the search results in the Hierarchy Tree view adjust accordingly. 
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