Customize Your Data

Hierarchy for Jira offers many options for customizing how you view your data, including custom columns to display different types of Jira information, saved JQL filters, and more.

Quick Filters

You can set up quick filters to quickly and easily filter your issues. Select the Plus button to create a new filter or to manage your existing filters. 

In the Manage Quick Filters menu, give your filter a Name. eg. Current Sprint. Then create a JQL query to define your filter. Select Add.

The filter appears in the list. You can edit or delete filters by returning to this menu anytime.

When you're happy with your filters, select Done.

Your filters appear at the top of your Hierarchy for Jira page.

You can also access the Manage Quick Filters menu from the Actions button at the top of the page.

Add Columns

You can customize columns to track only the information you need and nothing else. While a few columns, by default, are permanent and cannot be removed, most can be added or removed to show you only the data you want to see. Also, columns cannot be reordered at this time.

To view the list of columns you can add to the table view, click the Add icon to the right of the column headers.

 Add as many columns as you want. Add columns by selecting them in the menu or by typing the field name you want to add to search for it. 

You can also remove columns by selecting the x next to their name.

When you are happy with the columns, select Done.

Remove columns

To remove a column, select the x next to the column you want to remove.

Details too important to lose  ✅

The following columns are permanent and cannot be removed:

  •  Key
  • Summary
  • Status
  • SP Completed
  • SP Total
  • Progress
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