The text areas provide a larger section for text making it a good option when you want respondents to elaborate on an answer or ask them for additional information.


  1. Create your Form using the Forms for Confluence macro.
  2. Add the Forms - Text Area macro to the form in the place you would like a text area to appear.

    The Textarea macro configuration screen.

  3. Set a Name.

  4. Set a Label.

    1. (Optional) Set a Description of the field.

    2. (Optional) Check the Required checkbox option. This will ensure that users do not submit the form with an empty value in the text area.
    3. (Optional) Set an Initial Value of the field.
  5. Save the macro to see a placeholder image of how the field will look on the saved page.
    The placeholder for the Textarea macro.
  6. Save the page to see the Textarea in the form.
    The rendered example of the Textarea macro.

    To see an example of how you can use the Textarea macro within a form, see the Create a Form that Sends an Email to the Most Appropriate Department use case.