You can create templates or a formatter for form submissions that are emailed out, using the Mail Body Formatter macro. This gives you the flexibility to introduce, line breaks, sections & even format the form submission into sentences, making them more easily readable. Please note that responses saved in the Form Data will be saved without the templated format - this is to allow you to be able to export responses.


           An example of a rendered registration form.

When the above form is submitted, the output mail can be formatted into sentences using the Mail Body Formatter macro

        Example of the rendered text from the registration form, using the Mail Body Formatting macro.


 Instructions for Creating Line Breaks & Sections

 1. Create a form with your required fields

Example: Insert a Mail Input macro and give a Name & Label to the macro. 

2. Add a Mail body formatter macro inside the form.

3. Set the Mail Body Formatter macro to Default.

When this has been set to default,  the names of all macros set inside the Form Macro will appear in the Mail Body Formatter with hashtags in the format "#macroname" 

4. Line breaks, spaces and sections can be created by giving spaces after #macroname.

5. Save the page & Submit the form.

Line breaks will be created in the outgoing mail.

 Instructions for Creating Templates

 1. Create a form with your required fields. 

Example: Insert a Input Field macro with a Name and Label

2. Add a Mail Body Formatter macro inside the Form macro.

3. You can create templates within the Mail Body Formatter macro and the output mail can be formatted into sentences by placing "#macroname". Please see the image below for detailed explanation.

 On typing "#" in the Mail Body Formatter macro, Variable Suggestions drop-down containing the macros used in the Form will appear. 

4.  Select a macroname from the above Variable Suggestions drop-down that fits appropriately in your Template.

5. Save the page & Submit the form.

The output email will be in the form of a sentence as formatted in the Mail Body Formatter macro:

 Combination of Templates & Default content of the Mail form can also be used with Mail body Formatter Macro.

 You can set the Mail body Formatter macro to Default, give line breaks and add templates 

The output mail will contain a combination of both.