The Destination List macro allows respondents to specify where their response will be sent to, overriding the default form destination specified in the Form macro.

Using the Destination List macro you can specify alternative Form IDs, email addresses, or users, allowing you to make one form that can be repurposed for different departments or sent to different admins/teams. 

Forms for Confluence versions up to version 8.0.7. 

If a destination or subject is left blank, the values for these fields will be taken from the Form macro.

Forms for Confluence versions from version 8.0.8. 

The Destination field is required by default but this can be disabled via the Destination Required checkbox. 

This ensures that when adding a destination list to a form, that the destination isn't accidentally skipped resulting in the form being sent to the default form location. 

Existing forms where the destination has not been specified will continue to work but when editing the Destination List macro, you either need to complete the Destination field or deselect the Destination Required checkbox.

An example of a Destination List with


  1. Create a form. Enter a value in the destination field. This acts as a default for any options in the Destination List that don't provide a destination.
  2. Add a Destination List macro. This creates a list of options.
    Destination List macro, Edit screen.
  3. Set a label for your destination list.
  4. Set a description for your destination list.

    1. Set a label for this option.
    2. Set a destination for this option.
    3. Set a subject for this option.
    4. Set a success message for this option.Create an option:
    Destination List macro, Edit screen. Dropdown list options are added as example.
    N.B. If the destination, subject or success message are left blank, the corresponding value from the Form macro is used. If no success message is set (either via a Form ID, or a success macro the on page), the default success message is shown.
  5. Add a further option using the "+" action
    Destination List macro, Edit screen. The screen shows where to click to add options for Dropdown list items.
  6. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you have added all the required list options.
  7. Save the macro to see a placeholder image of how the field will look on the saved page.
    Destination List macro placeholder.
  8. Save the page to see the final field on your form.
    A rendered Destinations List macro with the example configuration.