Users can now attach files to a form to provide meaningful content. The file attached by the sender can be of any type.

The new Attachment Macro can be inserted in a form to allow users to attach files. The attachments can be downloaded from the responses saved in the Internal Response Database and the received emails. 

A Confluence administrator can configure the maximum size of attachments using Confluence's Attachment Settings.

  • Navigate to Confluence administration> General Configuration> Attachment Settings.
  • Edit the Attachment Maximum Size. 

  • Save the updated settings.


  1. Create your form using the Forms for Confluence macro.
  2. Add the Forms - Attachment macro to the form where you would like the attachment field to appear.

  3. Set a Name for the field.
    1. (Optional) Set a Label for the field; this will appear next to the field.
    2. (Optional) Set a Label Width for the field; this will appear next to the field.
    3. (Optional) Set a Field Width. This defines the horizontal width occupied by the field in the form.

  4. Save the macro to see a graphical placeholder image of the field on the saved page.
  5. Preview or Save the page to see the attachment field in the form.
The user can attach files by clicking Browse and then submitting the form with attachments.

A form can have any number of Attachment macros.

Once the form has been submitted, the response can be seen in the corresponding destination.

If the Collector Type is set to Internal Database, all attachments can be downloaded with a click of a button, and a zip file will be downloaded containing all attachments