Release Notes 8.2.1

23 April 2021

Compatible with Confluence Server and Data Center 6.13.0 - 7.12.2

  • In-app links to the documentation are updated.
  • A bug preventing the Forms Config table from loading correctly when the successHtml field is missing information, is removed.
  • A bug causing conditional fields to fail if the Forms field contained a single quote character is removed.
  • A bug preventing the Exclude Date Format option for the Data Picker from displaying correctly is removed.

Release Notes 8.2.0

24 February 2021

Compatible with Confluence Server and Data Center 6.13.0-7.11.1

  • Forms administration user experience and performance improvement
    • Added pagination to the Form Configuration ID page improving load times
    • Minor fix related to product analytics

Release Notes 8.1.6

15 April 2020

  • Compatibility for Data Center read-only mode
  • Compatible with Confluence Data Center 6.9.0 - 7.3.5

Release Notes 8.1.4

18 February 2020

  • Minor fix to app logging

Release Notes 8.1.3 

05 December 2019

  • FORMS-548 - Fixed an issue with form submissions and a Tomcat configuration

Release Notes 8.1.2

03 December 2019

  • FORMS-336 - Fixed a bug where form results were not able to be exported on Safari
  • FORMS-484 - Fixed a bug where the conditional fields were not working with the User Picker Macro
  • FORMS-534 - Fixed a bug where the sidebar was not rendering correctly with IE11

Release Notes 8.1.1

11 November 2019

  • Security Patch - This update fixes a security vulnerability, FORMS-523. The vulnerability is classified as high according to Atlassian's security severity levels and affects the Forms Macros: 'Destination List' and 'Administration page’

    We strongly recommend that customers update to version 8.1.1 of Forms for Confluence as soon as possible

  • NEW Introduction of Analytics -  In this version of Forms for Confluence we've introduced a new system of gathering anonymous analytics. Forms for Confluence’s analytics system gathers anonymous usage data in order to gain insight into how it is used with the aim of improving user experience
  • Compatible with Confluence Server 6.5.0 - 7.0.4