Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA)

The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, or CCMA, is designed to make transferring a Confluence On-Prem instance to Cloud as easy and seamless as possible. CCMA is an Atlassian app that assists users in moving Spaces and Pages. This app is free for all Confluence users to install and use and is pre-installed from version 6.13 and higher.

It is recommended to use CCMA when:

  • Migrating users or data from a Confluence Server or Data Center to a Confluence Cloud instance.
  • Evaluating your applications before migrating from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud.
  • Performing a trial migration from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud.
  • The Atlassian Support team suggests using the app.

Visit our CCMA Migration Process page to learn more about performing migrations.

Since Forms Cloud and Forms Server are two separate projects on two different platforms with different structures, there are some gaps in the features available in both Cloud and Server apps. This is also due to some cloud limitations that have influenced how the features are developed. Visit our page on Feature Disparity to see the differences in detail.