Radio buttons should be used when you want your users to select a single option from a group. The radio button group lets you quickly set up a group of radio buttons for your users to select from.

Radio button groups are always required as use of the field assumes you want at least one option to be picked. If you want to allow users to not select an option then you should use the Checkbox Group macro instead.

  1. Create your form using the Forms for Confluence macro

  2. Add the Forms - Radio Button Group macro in the body of the Forms for Confluence macro.

  3. Set a Label for the group, this appears next to the radio button options.

  4. Set a Name for the group.

    1. Optional: Set a Description for the group.

  5. Define Radio button options, by giving a Label and Value.

  6. To add more options, click the "+" sign and fill in the fields.

  7. Once all radio button options have been added, choose option you want to be Selected by default.

  8. Save the macro to see a placeholder box in the order fields will appear on the saved page.

  9. Save the page to see the final field on your form.