Feature Comparison with Server/Data Center

The table below illustrates the differences in key features available through Forms for Confluence in Cloud and Server/Data Center instances. We aim to reduce disparities in features and macros between the hosting environments with each new release. Keep an eye on our release notes to stay up to date.

We’re currently exploring the migration solutions for our apps. Please feel free to raise a support ticket if you have any questions on Forms for Confluence Server to Cloud migration. 

Server/Data CenterCloud

Key Features

Create fillable forms directly inside a Confluence page using Forms macros.



Preview forms before they go live. (tick)


Display form responses on a Confluence page in table format.



Save and manage responses securely in Confluence. 


Easy export to CSV, JSON, and XML formats.

Send custom success messages to respondents after submitting the form.(tick)(error)
Analyze form responses with built-in statistics visualization. (tick)(error)
Show only relevant questions based on answers using conditional fields macro.(tick)(error)
Make long forms more user-friendly with section breaks and progress bar display.(tick)(error)
Enable spam prevention by adding a Captcha field.(tick)(error)
Ability to send form submissions to multiple destinations (Confluence users, email addresses)(tick)(error)

Ability to create Jira issues via form submission through ScriptRunner for Jira integration

Ability to create a Confluence page via form submission through ScriptRunner for Confluence(tick)(error)

Built-in templates, including:

  • Job application form
  • Team member satisfaction survey
  • Contact request form
  • Claim expenses form
  • Training request form
  • Incident report form
  • Event survey

Confluence admins can view and manage forms they've created and forms that space admins created in the administration console .

Ability to add predefined values, such as Confluence user or user group, to a specific field using Confluence variables.(tick)(error)

Server/Data CenterCloud

Forms Macros

Input Fields

(Text Box)


Checkbox Group



Radio Button Group

(Radio Buttons)



(Long Answer)

Dropdown List(tick)(tick)



Hidden Field(tick)(tick)

Responses Table

(Responses Table View)

Destination List(tick)(error)
Additional Recipients(tick)(error)

Success Message(tick)

Mail Body Formatter(tick)(error)
Spam Prevention(tick)(error)
Submit and Submit Image Buttons(tick)(error)
Form Page(tick)(error)
Conditional Fields(tick)(error)
User Picker(tick)(error)
Radio Matrix(tick)

Checkbox Matrix(tick)

Star Rating(tick)

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