Text Box

The Text Box macro is a highly flexible field that can be used to take a variety of inputs and validate input.

The Text Box fields support text, numbers, and email input. Validation may be used to create a field that must contain a set type of response for form submission. The Text Box can also be a required field the user must complete before form submission.


How to add a Text Box macro to a form:

  1. Create your form using the Forms for Confluence macro.

  2. Add the Form - Text Box macro in the Forms for Confluence macro body.

  3. Set a Field Name. This is the label for submitted data.

    1. Optional: Set a Label for the field; this text appears next to the field.

    2. Optional: Give a Description.

    3. Optional: Set Placeholder Text.

    4. Optional: Set a Maximum Length to establish a character limit.
    5. Optional: Select the Make this field required checkbox option to make an entry in the macro mandatory for form submission.
  4. Optional: Select a type of Validation. This restricts the input for the macro.

    1. Select from the following options:
      1. Alpha (Letters)
      2. Numeric (Numbers)
      3. Alpha-numeric (Letters and Numbers)
      4. Email 
  5. Click back to the editor to save the macro and see placeholder boxes on the saved page.

  6. Publish the page to see the final Text Box field on your form.