The Attachment macros allow users to include files with their form submission.

The macro displays a Choose File option, allowing users to attach a file up to 10MB.

To add an Attachment macro to a form:

  1. Create your form using the Forms for Confluence macro on the desired page.
  2. Use the Insert button to add the Forms - Attachment macro.

    Ensure the Attachment macro is inside the body of the Forms for Confluence macro.

  3. Fill in the form details:

    1. Provide a Field Name.
      This acts as the label for data submitted via this macro.

    2. Optional: Provide a Label.
      The Label is the text that will appear, with the macro, to users.
    3. Optional: Provide a Description.
      The Description will appear to users underneath the input field. Additional information, like the maximum attachment size, should be added here.
    4. Optional: Select the Make this field required checkbox option. 
      This will prevent users from submitting the form without adding an attachment in this field.
  4. Click anywhere in the editor when finished adding form details. This saves the inputs and shows a placeholder of the macro.
  5. Publish the page to see the final result.