Responses Table View

The Form - Responses Table View macro should be used when you want your users or admins to view inbox responses on a page. It lets you quickly set up a table containing all the responses from a specific Form ID, with permissions to allow access to admins or all users.

The columns of the Responses Table are sortable.

To use the Responses Table View macro:

  1. From the Forms Administration page, click the associated Edit Form ID button for the configuration you'd like to use.
  2. The Update Form ID window appears. Select Admin and Space Admin only in the Form Data Access Restriction drop-down.

  3. Click Save ID. The window closes, and a success message indicates the saved change.
  4. Click the Create Page button in the left-hand menu.

  5. Use the Add macro button to add the Responses Table View macro on the new page.
    The Edit Macro menu appears on the right-hand side of the screen.
  6. Type the desired Form ID in the Form ID field in the Edit Macro menu.

    1. Optional: Deselect the Show Form ID checkbox option to hide the Form ID on the saved page.

  7. Click anywhere in the editor to save your changes and close the right-hand menu.
    The macro placeholder is displayed.
  8. Publish the page to see the full Responses Table View macro.

Responses Table Actions

Table Functions

  • Click in the Search for responses field and begin typing to find particular words or phrases in the responses.
  • Click the Arrow icon to expand or collapse all response entries.
  • Move columns horizontally by dragging from the title to sort.
  • Click column titles customize how data is displayed in the table.

Data Actions

  • Click the Refresh icon to bring all responses up to date.
  • Click the Columns icon to show or hide columns on the table.