The Responses Table macro should be used when you want your users or admins to be able to view inbox responses on a page. It lets you quickly set up a table containing all the responses from a specific Form ID, with permissions to allow access to admins or all users.

The columns of the Responses Table are sortable.

  1. Navigate to the Forms Configurations page by clicking the link on the sidebar.
  2. Edit the Form ID that you want to use with the Responses Table macro.
  3. Set the Form Response Macro Permission by selecting Unrestricted or Admin and Space Admin only.
  4. Create a page and add the Responses Table macro.
  5. Enter the Form Configuration ID that the Responses Table macro should be associated with.
  6. Show or hide the Form ID Label above the Responses Table.

  7. Save the macro.
  8. A placeholder of the macro is added to the page.

  9. Save the page to see the final table of responses (each row contains the values from one response).