Star Rating

Star Rating is a simple and efficient way to add a rating scale to a form.

Use this question type to gather feedback with a customizable scale of 10 icons.

The default icons are stars, but hearts and smileys may also be used.

Before adding Star Rating, or any other question, the Forms for Confluence container must be added to the page.

Visit the Creating Forms page for detailed instructions on adding a form to a page.

To add Star Rating to an existing form:

  1. Navigate to the page with the relevant form and enter Edit mode.

  2. Click the existing Form, then click Edit.

    The form configuration appears.

  3. Use the Add question button to add the Star ratings option.
    The configuration options appear.
  4. Fill in desired configuration details.

    1. Provide a title or question.
    2. Use the Icon dropdown option to select which symbol to display.
      Stars are the default option.
    3. (Optional) Select the Number of icons to display.
      5 is the default option.
    4. (Optional) Provide Icon labels separated via a commas separated list.
    5. (Optional) Select the Use icon label as value checkbox option.
  5. Click Save in the Form builder when finished.
    This saves the inputs and returns the screen to Confluence Edit mode.
  6. Publish or Preview the page to see the final result.
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