Everyday Toolkit / Commands

Here are the 15 tools and the slash commands you need to use them in Slack. Try adding help to the end of any of the commands to get started!

Tools for finding

  • /tools-define : Lightning-fast definitions for words
  • /tools-synonym : Quick synonyms to diversify and improve your text

  • /tools-stockimage : Find and share royalty-free images
  • /tools-googleimage : Find and share images

  • /tools-gif : Find and share gifs
  • /tools-sticker : Find and share animated stickers
  • /tools-text : Find and share animated text

Tools for calculating

  • /tools-worldtime : Check what time it is for your colleagues across the world
  • /tools-wordcount : Tally words and characters
  • /tools-metrics : Convert distance, time, weights, volumes, and more
  • /tools-currency : Convert one currency to another with the latest FX rates
  • /tools-percent : A helping hand for those a little rusty with percentages

Tools for generating 

  • /tools-password : Create custom ultra-secure passwords in just a few clicks
  • /tools-random : Settle disputes and more with random numbers and words
  • /tools-lorem : Generate placeholder text
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