Filter issues based on specified field values.


Query on any field by regular expression.

issueFieldMatch (subquery, fieldname, regexp)

Performance is proportional to the number of issues selected by the subquery, so use the query that selects the smallest set of issues you can.

To find all issues where the description contains a ABC0000 where 0000 is any number, you could use:

issueFunction in issueFieldMatch("project = DEMO", "description", "ABC\d{4}")

The function searches for the regular expression anywhere within the field. To match the entirety of the field, use ^ and $, e.g. ^ABC\d{4}$.


Find issues by matching the text of a field exactly.

issueFieldExactMatch (subquery, fieldname, regexp)

projectMatch / componentMatch / versionMatch

The following functions provide lists of projects, components, and versions that match the provided regular expression.

projectMatch(reg exp)
componentMatch(reg exp)
versionMatch(reg exp)

For example, you want to look for all issues that have a component beginning with Web:

component in componentMatch("^Web.*")

All issues in the Jira project that have a fix version beginning with RC:

fixVersion in versionMatch("^RC.*")