Epic Functions

Use this JQL function to filter via epic links.


Jira Software users can query on epic links. For example, find all epics that have unresolved stories:

issueFunction in epicsOf("resolution = unresolved")

You can also query on epic links to find all epics which contain issues.

project = <ProjectKeyHere> and issuetype = Epic and NOT (issueFunction in epicsOf("project = <ProjectKeyHere>")

This function only returns issues of the Epic type.


This function allows you to find issues related to epics found by the subquery. For example, find all stories for open epics in a project

issueFunction in issuesInEpics("project = DEMO AND status = 'To Do'")

Find unresolved stories in resolved epics:

issueFunction in issuesInEpics("resolution IS NOT EMPTY") AND resolution IS EMPTY