Agile Functions

The following functions search issues based on sprint information.

The board parameter in the functions below may be either the name of the board, or the board ID. You can find the board ID in the page URL when viewing the board e.g. shows the board ID to be 24.


Query sprint issues of a specified agile board.

inSprint(board, sprint)

issueFunction in inSprint("EX Scrum Board", "Sprint 3")


Query the issues of the next active sprint of a specified agile board.


issueFunction in nextSprint(452) AND assignee = currentUser()


Query the issues of the previous active sprint of a specified agile board.


issueFunction in previousSprint("Kanban Board") AND fixVersion IS EMPTY


Query the issues added after the sprint began for the active sprint of an agile board. Only the board name is required. If a sprint is not chosen, then the default is the current active sprint.

addedAfterSprintStart(board, sprint)

issueFunction in addedAfterSprintStart("EX Scrum Board", "Sprint 3")