Enhanced Search features several JQL functions not available as default in Jira, which are documented within this section:

There are two ways to insert functions into your Enhanced Search JQL queries. Add functions either by typing into the text field or by clicking Insert Function.

If you are new to Enhanced Search, we recommend you start by using the Insert Function option.

Available Fields

Functions can be customised in many ways, and search a variety of fields in Jira. Make a request to the Jira Cloud REST API to see all fields you can use inside of the function expressions. For example, customfield_10024 or{issueIdOrKey}?expand=schema


Most of the functions require a JQL 'subquery' as the starting point for the function you’ve selected. Providing an empty string (e.g. "") causes the query to match each issue in your Jira instance, making your query very inefficient.

User specific data is not supported in subqueries. So statements such as assignee - currentuser() are invalid.

Insert Function Button

We have provided an Insert Function button to help new users generate the correct JQL for their query.

The Enhanced Search screen, with the Insert Function button highlighted.

After clicking Insert Function the Browse and Insert Functions window opens. A list of available functions is shown on the left. Select a function from the list to be presented with a form you can fill in to generate valid JQL for that function.

The Browse and Insert Functions window, with the Subquery (JQL) field highlighted.

Most of the functions require a JQL 'subquery' that is used as the starting point for the function you’ve selected. For example, entering the subquery "project = example" tells the linkedIssuesOf function that it should find issues linked to the Example project.

After filling in all required fields on the form, click Add to Query to add the relevant query clause to the end of your existing search query.

When your query has been added, click the Search for Issues icon.

Text Field

More advanced users can type their JQL query directly into the JQL query text field. Alternatively, you can use the text field to make small edits to a JQL created using the Insert Function feature, such as quickly changing the project name.

Troubleshooting Tips

Occasionally you may see a red X show up next to your filter; this indicates an issue with the filter.

An example filter, with a red x icon, shown in the Enhanced Search window.

Check the filter for mistakes. In this example, a project name has not been specified. A correctly configured filter displays a green checkmark.

An example filter, with a green checkmark icon, shown in the Enhanced Search window.

For more information on how to configure JQL queries, see the Atlassian Advanced Searching documentation.