Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud

Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud

Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud allows you to search through your Jira Cloud instance using advanced Jira Query Language (JQL) functions. Expand Jira’s built-in JQL functionality with a range of powerful functions and keywords, allowing you to create advanced queries. Jira instances can have several thousand issues, save time, and search efficiently using the additional functions provided by Enhanced Search.


Expanded JQL Functions

Explore 16 JQL functions not available by default in Jira. Functions can be split into seven categories: Date, Agile, Issue Link, Epic, Sub-task, Match, and Expression functions. Use these enhanced functions for a more powerful search experience. To see a list of all functions available with Enhanced Search click on the Insert Function button in the Enhanced Search app, or visit our Included Functions documentation.


Save Enhanced Searches as Filters

Enhanced Search saves you time by allowing you to specify what you want to see at a more granular level. Want to use your Enhanced Search queries in other parts of Jira or share with colleagues? Save your Enhanced Searches as filters to create previously unavailable boards, reports and dashboards based on Enhanced JQL Filters.

Not sure where to find Enhanced Search? See our Navigate to Enhanced Search guide.