Encryption for Jira provides two key storage options:

Database: Keys located in the database can be found by anyone with access to the database or by Jira Admins with scripting experience. While this method is more vulnerable, keys stored in the database can be backed up or restored.

Memory: Keys located in the memory are much more difficult to find than those located in the database. Note that memory-stored keys are volatile. As the memory is cleaned when you stop your Jira instance, the keys are cleaned too. Administrators must enter them again every time Jira is started. Memory keys are not exported and cannot be restored automatically.

Jira Admins can choose the location of their keys.

To select the storage location for your keys, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Add-ons from the Jira Administration menu.

  2. Click Configuration under Encryption for Jira in the left sidebar.

  3. Under Key Storage, select Database (by default) or Memory then click Save.

    They Key Storage section of the Configuration screen.