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I'm working on customizing my first builder theme and it hasn't been easy. One of the last steps is trying to fit the rich text editor into the column space I've designed. It's in a column that's 630px wide and I can't seem to fit everything I want by adjusting the CSS. I end up getting a horizontal scrollbar. Is there any way to adjust this properly or is it because of all the bells and whistles with TinyMC?

The design is fixed width so I can't change that to accommodate the form. I've attached a screenshot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They want this to launch today but I just don't that happening.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    We normally hide the table buttons on the tinymce toolbar using CSS - you can use something like Firebug to work out the classes/ids on those buttons and then prefix your css selectors with .atb-footnote (or .atb-footer depending on where you've put the builder-comments macro) so that only the comments editor is affected. We found that people rarely use tables in comments and by removing the associated buttons it reduces end-user confusion and also makes the comments much easier to fit in a fixed-width layout.

    1. Unknown User (jlhuls@pbs.org)

      Thanks for the tip and reply!