Create a page in no time at all using templates that already contain the macros you need.

To get started with templates:

  1. Navigate to the space and parent page where you want to create a new page.

  2. Click the Create from Template ellipsis icon next to Create at the top of the page.

    If a template is created from outside a space, such as in the admin section, the template page will be placed as a child of a new page named Content Formatting for Confluence. The space is still selectable from a list once the Create from Template ellipsis icon is clicked.

  3. Choose the Content Formatting Templates option from the list, then click Next.

  4. Enter a title for the new page, then choose the desired template from the drop-down list (see Template Previews for examples).

  5. Click Next.

    Provide the extra page titles required if you selected the Multi-Page Journey template, then click Next.

  6. Click Create.

Once created, you will be presented with the created page or blog. Simply click the Edit button to change the page or blog to meet your needs.

If you are still stuck please contact our support team who can offer you more assistance. 
You can try our full range of content formatting macros for free by visiting the Marketplace.
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