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  • The latest compatible version of Content Formatting for Confluence is version 6.3.5, which is compatible with Confluence versions 6.5.0-7.0.3.

  • The app is also Data Center compatible.

  • The compatibility for other versions of Confluence can be found in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Confluence versions 5.9 and onward require Content Formatting for Confluence version 4.4 or higher for certain macros to function properly. This is because of a restricted macro rendering pipeline introduced by Atlassian in Confluence version 5.9 onwards.

Content Formatting for Confluence version 4.4 ends compatibility support for wiki markup. Please use version 4.3 if wiki markup compatibility is required. Ideally, pages should be upgraded, as wiki markup has been deprecated since Confluence version 4. Please take the note above into consideration when using version 4.3 of Content Formatting.


Content Formatting for Confluence is available for installation from the Atlassian Marketplace:

  1. Click the Confluence Administration icon, and select Manage Apps from the dropdown menu.

  2. Go to the Find new apps link, and type content formatting in the search bar, and press the Enter key.

  3. Select Buy Now or Try it Free in the Content Formatting Macros for Confluence description, and click Accept & Install.


Content Formatting for Confluence can be licensed via Atlassian through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Known Issues

Tabs Macro compatibility issues with Team Calendars

When Team Calendar is used in conjunction with the Tabs Macro, the calendar is not shown when it is placed within the 2nd, 3rd, or nth tab. The issue was investigated, and it was confirmed that Team Calendar was the cause. You can vote for this issue fix.

Page Properties Report Macro does not work

The Page Properties Report Macro does not work when the Page Properties Macro is used within a Content Formatting macro. This issue is fixed from version 4.4.5; however, it is important that a Search Index rebuild is triggered in the Confluence Administration section before the fix can take effect.

Export to PDF Issue

This app has a known issue when exporting a Confluence page to PDF. See Export to PDF for more details.