The Strike macro provides a highly graphical alternative to standard strikethrough text indicate deleted or edited text. It applies this blue red marker strikethrough.


  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Select the text to apply the strike formatting to, or click the location where you want to add strike text.
  4. Click Insert More Content Other Macros.

  5. Select the Strike macro from the Macro Browser.

    Macro Browser with the Strike macro highlighted
  6. The default strikethrough color is red. If you want to apply your own custom styling, you can use the CSS Class parameter. The output type is always inline.


    CSS Class

    Option to apply a custom CSS class to the element. Enter the CSS class name(s) to apply to the macro (case sensitive); multiple classes can be separated by a space or comma. Do not include the . selector in the class name. Classes must be part of your Global Confluence CSS or defined in a CSS Stylesheet macro that you have added to your page.




    Output type

    Specifies that the macro will be displayed inline with the surrounding content

    single select



  7. Click Insert. The macro placeholder displays with the text selected in step 3. If you have not preselected text, you can add your required text to the macro body.

    The placeholder for a Strike macro.
  8. Save the page to view the rendered text.

The longer your text, the better the effect. Use this macro to strike out old prices after reducing them for a more graphical effect.

An example of the Strike macro marking out an old price.

When viewed with the Printable view, the text will simply have a line through it, making it easier to print.